These Japanese lotus flower tattoos below have a beautiful meaning while still representing the flower and its symbolic enlightenment.
A traditional style Japanese lotus flower tattoo is the best option if you want a colorful and meaningful tattoo coming straight out of Japanese movies or animes.
Whether you want to show it off at work, with your friends, or keep reminded of its representation with an elegant touch, a blackwork lotus flower tattoo is the one you’re looking for.
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Last but not least in our lotus flower tattoo categories is the blackwork one. Colorful tattoos aren’t the most pleasant for everyone and, for this reason, getting a black and more elegant one is a great alternative.
If you have a friend or a family member that is looking for some ideas, these lotus flower tattoo drawings are certainly a good option, so make sure to share this article with them.
A lotus flower tattoo on the spine isn’t only a clever placement to choose but it’s also very symbolic. In fact, you’ll be able to hide it at work if needed and to show it off at the beach during summertime.
Getting a realistic lotus flower tattoo on your thigh is a great choice if you want to ink a bigger tattoo. Thighs are one of the least painful areas since they have only a few nerve endings and, for this reason, you can get a bigger tattoo with no pain.
Secondly, lotus flowers can also represent wisdom . White lotus flowers represent spiritual wisdom as they have open petals symbolizing mind-opening and its full connection with the world around them. This spiritual meaning is one of the most powerful reasons why people tattoo themselves with a lotus flower.
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These were all the most important meanings of lotus flower tattoos that you should know if you’re looking into getting one of them inked. Whether you want to get one for religious reasons, to represent strength, or simply for elegance purposes, you’ll love your new tattoo.
First of all, in Hinduism, the lotus flower blossom is one of the most important spiritual symbols. In fact, it symbolizes divine beauty and purity. In addition, in Hinduism, lotus flowers are associated with the gods Brahma, Vishnu, and Lakshmi, and the opening petals represent the spiritual awakening of the soul.
Just like the beautiful lotus flower tattoos on the wrists, the ones on the ankle look very realistic and can be easily hidden. Though they can be shown off around town in flip flops or at the beach during the summer holidays and that’s certainly something to consider.
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Getting a symbolic and meaningful tattoo can be a big event, whether you’re getting a lotus flower tattoo on your shoulder or simply a realistic lotus flower tattoo. For this reason, it’s normal to ask yourself where to put your brand new lotus flower tattoo drawing.
The most important part of a lotus flower is the petals. In fact, once lotus flowers bloom, they display colorful petals that symbolize purity and wisdom. Getting a petal lotus flower inked will give that part of your body a beautiful and strong meaning.
On the other hand, in Buddhism, lotus flowers are also extremely important. In fact, history states that Buddha was born from a lotus flower. Also, lotus flowers represent the purity of the soul. While this is only a speculation, it is a popular belief that lotus flowers grow in muddy waters and still keep their beauty and, hence, their purity.
Getting a moon and lotus flower tattoo is simply some of the most original and unique ideas you can get inked. It has an important meaning to consider. The moon is the representation of constant change and, combined with a lotus flower, it represents a constant change with purity.
Well, when talking about the placement of the lotus flower tattoo, it is suitable for long and narrow areas on our body such as our thigh, arm, or back. However, on top of that, and as you’ll see below, a lotus flower tattoo drawing can also be placed in other body parts like our fingers, forearm, and even on our neck.
Wrists are a beautiful place to get a realistic lotus flower tattoo and for several reasons. They’re small, they can be hidden easily if needed, and add an elegant touch to its already beautiful meaning. They’re usually a simple lotus flower tattoo will a lot of details.
Getting a realistic lotus flower tattoo is the best decision for many people. In fact, lotus flower tattoo meaning they’re usually a simple lotus flower tattoo full of meaning and with a realistic and simple style. Also, both men and women can get it inked on several parts of the body and that’s another reason to choose one of these below.
Just like the chest lotus flower tattoo for men, the shoulder one is a beautiful enhancer for muscles. It can be inked in black or colors and will definitely suit any top you choose to wear. In addition, you’ll certainly look cool at the beach or at the gym while still remembering its powerful meaning.
A chest lotus flower tattoo is one of the most popular lotus flower tattoos for men. It matches a trained body, it can enhance the image of your muscles, and can definitely remind you of its meaning.
Men often like their lotus flower tattoo drawing for being unique, for having an important meaning, and also for matching their revival. Flower tattoos were first introduced to sailormen in the 18th century and remained manly since then. Whether colorful or in black, these lotus flower tattoos for men are certainly going to impress you.
Furthermore, lotus flowers symbolize compassion . Compassion is certainly a strong and deep meaning and that is why many people choose to get a lotus flower tattoo to emphasize their compassion. Red lotus flowers symbolize love and our heart which open up slowly with them before turning into our full selves.
Sure, lotus flowers have strong and deep meanings depending on their colors. However, what is the meaning of tattoos representing them?
20 lotus flower tattoo meaning Lotus Flower Tattoo Design Ideas
20 lotus flower tattoo meaning Lotus Flower Tattoo Design Ideas
Stemmed lotus flower tattoos are another one of the traditional and realistic lotus flower tattoo you should consider. It can be placed anywhere, you can choose a bigger or smaller size, and the stem will certainly make it very unique.
Japanese tattoos are popular for being very colorful, and that’s the reason why this lotus flower tattoo is one of the best you can think of. Whether you get it inked on your armed, on your back, or on your thighs, it is definitely going to please you every day when seeing it.
While heavy blackwork can be seen as having a darker side, it is definitely not the case for lotus flower tattoos. These still strongly represent the Hindu and Buddhist meanings of the flower as well as the purity and wisdom. Whether you get it done on the upper or down parts of the body, it will be a great representation of your beliefs.
Lotus flowers have different spiritual meanings that are all important and deep. First of all, lotus flowers symbolize peace . In fact, with its beautiful pink color, it simplifies the fact of simply being. Lotus flowers float on the water and are not impacted by what happens in the external world. For this reason, lotus flowers symbolize peacefulness .
Last but not least, the eight petals of lotus flowers symbolize the Eightfold Path, which gives Buddhists a path to follow from the cycle of rebirth to end suffering.
This Buddha and lotus flower tattoo is some of the most meaningful ones you can consider. As mentioned previously, in Buddhism, it is believed that Buddha was born out of a lotus flower and, therefore, it has a symbolic meaning. Other than that, it is just incredibly beautiful and will suit your back, your legs, or even your thighs.
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Lotus flower tattoos can be placed anywhere on the body but their most common placements are the foot, the back, or the arms. Lotus flowers have an extensive list of meanings and are usually very personal tattoos.
Putting a lotus flower tattoo on your forearm is a delicate yet meaningful choice you can think of. Whether big or small, it is stylish and somewhat sexy which is another thing to consider.
From realistic lotus flower tattoos to traditional ones to the ones for men, these are the best styles we could think of.
Lotus flower tattoos are popular among people of Asian descent. In fact, they can even symbolize eternal life. This is because the lotus flower grows in every possible condition. Because the existent of the lotus flower never ends, it is believed to be an eternal creature.
Needless to say, it can also add style to your back and that’s one of the reasons we find it to be one of the most beautiful lotus flower tattoos.
A neck tattoo is similar to a realistic lotus flower tattoo on the spine . However, it is usually smaller to match the upper part of our back. It can be done on both the front and back of our neck and that’s definitely going to give you more style.
Traditional lotus flower tattoos have been a popular choice for many years and for good reasons. Firstly, tattoos are intended to be placed with personal meaning and to last forever. By getting one of these traditional lotus flower tattoos, you’ll remember the value for a very long time as well as keeping a traditional and somewhat conservative look.

Moreover, it can be tattooed in a small or bigger size which is great to get it anywhere on the back, arms, thighs, ankles, and more.
If you’re looking for a meaningful, beautiful, and realistic lotus flower tattoo that has a deep and important representation, we’ve got you covered. Here below you’ll find the 15 most beautiful lotus flower tattoos as well as some Japanese lotus tattoo to consider.
Note that the most popular placement for a realistic lotus flower tattoo is on the arm. In fact, arms are considered the least sensitive spot to get a tattoo and is also one of the coolest parts of the body to place it.
Moreover, it can also represent courage . Yellow and orange lotus flowers can be compared with the energy of life and fire, and therefore, can represent perseverance as well as bravery.
Japanese tattoos are some of the oldest ones and are full of colors as well as symbolic meanings. Just like in Buddhism, lotus flowers in Japan are regarded as pure. They grow in dirty water but still bloom into beautiful flowers full of colors.
Well, lotus flowers also have religious meanings and that’s another reason why people get tattoos representing them. The religions that give the most importance and significance to lotus flowers are Buddhism and Hinduism. lotus evora s engine tuning