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How to Get and Cook Lotus Flower Crisp Lotus Flower Crisp lotus flower crisp genshin Recipe Location Genshin Impact|Game8How to Get and Cook Lotus Flower Crisp Lotus Flower Crisp lotus flower crisp genshin Recipe Location Genshin Impact|Game8
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How to Get and Cook Lotus Flower Crisp | Lotus Flower Crisp Recipe Location
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Lotus Flower Crisp is a Dish in Genshin Impact. Learn where to find the recipe for Lotus Flower Crisp, how to cook it, the effects after eating it, and other information in this Food guide!

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One of Liyue’s traditional snacks. Sweet stuffed lotus wrapped in a crispy, deep-fried crust. Its layers of flower petals unravel perfectly in the palm of your hand.
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